CRM & eMail Marketing

Infusionsoft CRMCustomer Relations Management & eMail Marketing is easier than you think.

Let’s say, you have a shiny new website. That’s great. But now what?
Launching a beautiful new website is great. But it’s just the first step. You now need to drive prospects and customers to it. Regularly.

You need to start nurturing your Prospects to turn them into customers and ensure you keep your customers coming back, again and again.

I would love to help improve your marketing to help drive traffic to your site, maintain your existing customers and nurture those prospective customers to close the deal.

I use Infusionsoft (CRM) and know how to customize it to your needs.

I can setup & create all your targeted campaigns to nurture your customers, using eMail Marketing and help you keep track of your buyers behaviour, to help you succeed in your business.

For professional implementation of Customer Relations Management & eMail Marketing, contact Spiro from ST Web Design today.