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Mobile Friendly Web DesignWhy Does My Website Need To Be Mobile-Friendly?

Because of the ever-changing face of technology, your website needs to be “Responsive” – that means that your web site needs to be designed to be viewed on any size screen it’s being viewed on – For example on a PC, laptop, a smartphone, tablet device or any other mobile device.

It is very important that your prospective customers, can access your website on a smartphone or tablet device easily, without having to resize it or move it left & right to read it correctly. Furthermore, most people just use their mobile devices now to find what they are looking for, making it very important that your site is designed well.

If your website looks clunky and awkward on a mobile device, your reputation is at risk. What’s more, research shows that if your site is not mobile-friendly, people may believe you don’t care about them.

As an added note, the Google search engine penalizes your web site, if it does not view correctly on all devices, by affecting your sites ranking on the search results page.

More and more people daily will access your website on a smart phone or tablet device, so let me help you make that change today.

How Do I Find Out if My Website is Responsive?

Depending on the age of your website, yours may not be responsive. You can check this by trying to view your web site on your mobile phone or tablet device, if it’s not easy to read or hard to navigate, it’s not mobile friendly.

You can always get Google to check your site by going to: Is my Website Mobile Friendly?

For a responsive web design that’s clean and intuitive, contact Spiro from ST Web Design today.

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